Partner Spotlight: The Launch Pad Teen Center

January is going to be an exciting time at The Launch Pad.

In early 2022, the all-inclusive teen space in Prescott will open the doors of its new facility, a 6,000-square-foot warehouse on 6th Street.

The new location will be a "one-stop-shop" for youth, with a coffee café, computer lab, classrooms, dance floor, stage, music production studio, art studio, workshop area, and lots of outdoor space surrounded by a community garden.

Teens will be able to come after school and find everything from a quiet nook for doing their homework to a rowdy room for playing games. In addition, the Launch Pad will provide exciting volunteer opportunities, clubs to join, and - for those interested in learning about running a small business - paid apprenticeships at its coffee shop.

The Launch Pad offers educational and social opportunities that encourage learning, community involvement, and personal development. Their unique programs emphasize health, happiness, and success while helping teens develop meaningful friendships and a strong sense of self.

The Launch Pad started as an idea that developed as a response to a series of community meetings regarding the needs of teens in the Quad City Area. It began in a spare room of a church, then got its own space, which it h